Ardgowan Medical Practice

Our Team


Dr A R Dickson

MBChB (Glasgow) Regd. 1985 MRCGP DRCOG FPC Cert.


Dr J O Gallagher

MBChB (Glasgow) Regd. 1988 MRCGP DRCOG DGM Cert.


Dr J McPherson

MBChB (Glasgow) Regd. 1997 MRCGP


Dr L Cairns

MRCGP (2015), DRCOG, MBChB, Bsc Hons Pharmacology (Intercalated)


Dr C Buchanan

MBChB (Manchester) Regd. 2009 MRCGP DRCOG


Dr Z MacDonald

MBChB 2017, MRCGP 2022


Practice manager

Mrs Angela Owens

Practice Manager

Mrs Julia McLaughlan

Deputy Practice Manager

Advanced nurse practitioner

An Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) is an experienced and highly educated Registered Nurse who manages the complete clinical care for their patient, not solely any specific condition. Advanced practice is a level of practice, rather than a type or speciality of practice. ANPs are educated at Master's Level in advanced practice and are assessed as competent in this level of practice. As a clinical leader they have the freedom and authority to act and accept the responsibility and accountability for those actions. This level of practice is characterised by high level autonomous decision making, including assessment, diagnosis, treatment including prescribing, of patients with complex multidimensional problems. Decisions are made using high level expert, knowledge and skills. This includes the authority to refer, admit and discharge within appropriate clinical areas. Working as part of the multidisciplinary team ANPs can work in or across all clinical settings, dependant on their area of expertise.” (Chief Nursing Officers Directorate, 2017)

Claire Smith

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Lisa Grant

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Practice nurses

Sr Anne Boyd

Practice Nurse/Clinical Management Nurse

Practice staff

Susan Gray

Clerical Officer/Phlebotomist

Caroline Temporal

Clerical Officer/Phlebotomist

Carolynn Boyle

Clerical Officer

Evelyn Simpson

Clerical Officer

Aileen Cumming

Clerical Officer

Sarah Higgins

Clerical Officer

Laura Rodger

Clerical Officer

Vivienne Stevenson

Clerical Officer

Gillian MacLean

Clerical Officer

Additional healthcare staff

Nicola Duddy

District Nurse Sister

Arlene Miller

District Nurse

Daryl Watson

District Nurse

Michelle McCorkell

District Nurse

Bernadette Gallagher

District Nurse

Kayrn McCormick

Health Visitor

Attached staff

Laura McCammond

Community Links Worker